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To Brow or Not To Brow?

Here at the BTQ we love to stay on top of beauty trends so we kept our eyes peeled for any new trends emerging at the Fashion Weeks held around the world. At the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014 show in New York, we spotted models strutting down the runway with nude faces and barely-there brows.


source: T Magazine

This bare look was achieved by bleaching and tinting the models’ brows to get the colour just right – a job best left to the professionals as eyebrows and the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and might not respond well to various bleaching sessions (yikes!).

While we are weirdly fascinated with this look, we aren’t sure how it translates  into every-day life – especially for the darker-haired beauties among us… (and we’re just don’t have the lady balls to take the plunge and try, sorry).

What do you think? To brow or not to brow?


2 thoughts on “To Brow or Not To Brow?

  1. In both ways I think she looks beautiful, strangely enough, because brows frame the face and eyes, but I must say, with the brow bleached, the eye is very present, I like that! Maybe it’s me, probably, but she also seems younger with her brow bleached, but that can differ from person to person. All in all, I still prefer the strong brows!


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