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Lush Long Lashes

 Now that false lashes are no longer just for dressing up and drag queens, überlong lashes have become an absolute beauty must. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with naturally long lashes (we sure aren’t), so we’ve been looking for ways to create the illusion that we were ;D) While falsies and lash extensions offer temporary solutions for short-lashed peepers, we prefer to work with what our mamas gave us – in the lash department, that is. However, eyelash enhancing serums promoting denser and longer lash growth that have all the beauty bloggers buzzing at the moment are a tad too pricey for our liking and we’re still on the fence regarding possible side effects…

So what is a beauty on a budget to do in order to get those luscious lashes? Well, try Kiko CosmeticsFalse Lashes Concentrate Lengthening Top Coat Mascara! Priced at only €7.20, this mascara is a real beauty bargain!

Kiko False Lashes Concentrate Lengthening Top Coat

Apply this length intensifying fiber mascara on top of your regular mascara or gently apply a single layer of it on the tips of your lashes for a more natural effect. The unusual round brush takes some getting used to, but it’s easy to use once you’ve mastered the application.

Kiko false lashes concentrate One of our contact-wearing BTQ beauties tried the mascara for 2 weeks and – contrary to all expectations – the fibers (which look like tiny hairs) stay in place all day, so it’s safe to use if you wear contacts. Yes, even we were a little surprised!  

The mascara is supposed to add 72% extra length and while we don’t think we quite achieved that percentage, the effect was absolutely noticeable! Our elongated lashes elicited LOADS of compliments, so we definitely recommend this lengthening mascara by Kiko. 

What’s your experience with lengthening mascaras?


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