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SPACE – Tuscany’s Prada Outlet

Ah, Italia! Home to the tastiest pizzas, the most delicious wines & and the absolute best of designer outlet shops. The region of Tuscany in particular is not only a splendid holiday destination due to its rich history, rolling hills & and beautiful vineyards, it is also a shopping paradise for fashionistas.

Space-Outlet-PRADA-entranceA fan of Prada? Head over to Space, the brand’s famous factory outlet located near Montevarchi, where they sell clothing, shoes & accessories from previous collections, as well as items with small manufacturing flaws not worthy of being sold for the full retail price in Prada stores with reductions that go up to -70% (!!!). The outlet also carries Miu Miu, Prada‘s younger sister label, Helmut Lang, Jill Sander, and less widely-known labels from the Prada Group such as Church’s and Car Shoe.

Space may be an outlet but it is Prada we’re talking about here, so the shopping experience is obviously a bit more exclusive than in the average outlet mall. Make sure to draw a numbered ticket from the machine next to the entrance: this is your ticket in and you will need it later so hold on to it for dear life! Depending on the time and season, you might have to queue up and wait your turn to enter as only 100 shoppers are allowed in at once (according to the signs), but you could get lucky and be granted access straight away.

Once inside, you can browse through the store’s different sections – mind you, you’re not supposed to carry items into other sections; instead, approach one of the sales assistants with the desired items and tell her (or him) the number on your ticket. The items will then be taken to the cash register, which may seem slightly odd (it did to us) but it’s actually quite convenient as you don’t have to haul all those bags & such around yourself. It may be wise to inspect all items before handing them to the shop assistant just to be sure of what you’ll be buying (no snags & tears), as you will not be given a lot of time to change your mind later. When you’re ready to purchase, just head over to the till and show the cashier your numbered ticket, swipe that card and off you go with with designer goodies!

Good to know: the best way to travel to Space is by train. From Florence, take the train to Rome and get off at the stop at Montevarchi. There’ll be taxis waiting to take you and the all the other fashion aficionados to the outlet. Make sure you have a cab driving you back to the train station post-shopping by asking for the driver’s number, or – if you forget in all your pre-shopping excitement – inquire if the shop assistants can call one for you before you leave the store.

Address & Opening Hours*

space_prada_outlet69 Strada Statale/Via Levanella Becorpi
Località Levanella
52025 Montevarchi, Arezzo
+39 055 919 6528

Mon – Fri & Sun 10:30 – 19:30
Sat 9:30 – 19:30**

*Please check the website for altered opening hours during national & regional holidays before setting off for this awesome outlet.
** No people are allowed in after 19:30, but the store remains open for the customers already inside until 20:00.


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