Nourish Your Inner Beauty

It is no secret that your outside reflects what’s going on inside your body & that food plays a key role in getting flawless, healthy-looking skin. For us, certain types of food or ingredients are best avoided such as wheat, gluten, dairy, etc., in order to stay blemish free.

Steering clear of ingesting zit-triggering food is difficult any given day, but it becomes even harder come summer when every fiber of our being craves ice cream – and we mean bucketloads – of it.

So when we discovered Professor Grunschnabel‘s natural vegetal ice, we literally jumped for joy. Not only is this ice cream free of lactose, gluten and soy, it is also free of preservatives, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Moreover, despite being rich in flavour, the ice cream is light and doesn’t sit on the stomach (and believe us, we ate A LOT of it). Did we mention it is also halal, kosher and suitable for vegans?!

 Professor Grunschnabel ice cream comes in a range of delicious flavours – so far, we’ve devoured Mama Mango Maracujá and Banana Bahiana – and is available in
2 sizes: 150 ml & 500 ml.


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