Beauty / Brows / Eyes / Face

Fun Fact Monday

Did you know that the women in Ancient Rome had beauty routines quite similar to ours?Their beauty ideals and the assortment of products they used, however, were  rather different…

In addition to moisturizers, Roman women applied a lead-based foundation to lighten their skin as they believed that the fairer a woman’s skin was, the higher her rank & greater her wealth would be.

A rouge was then applied over the foundation and the eyes were lined with kohl and further accentuated with coloured eye shadows.

Special attention was paid to the eyebrows – ancient Romans darkened them with soot or antimony and extended them inwards so they would (almost) meet in the middle…

Yes, that’s right, ancient Roman women sported unibrows! According to written accounts from that time, some women even wore false brows made out of goat’s or oxen hair to look as fashionable as possible…

Now that’s a trend we don’t expect to re-emerge anytime soon!


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