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Trendspotting Thursday: Matte Bronzers

Matte Bronzers

Fake it till you make it is our motto in life when it comes to tanning, so here’s our selection of Matte Bronzers to achieve that sun-kissed look sans soleil*

1. Kiko Cosmetics – €9.90
2. Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer – Too Faced Cosmetics – approx. €26
3. Duo BronzerTanOrganic – €29.90
4. Baked Bronzer in Toasted – Urban Decay – €25
5. Natural DazzleBarry M – approx. €7.50 & €12.50
6. Bahama Mamathe Balm (see review here) – approx. €17
7. Matte BronzerNYX Cosmetics – approx. €12

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*The prices listed are an indication and will vary according to country of residence/location.


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