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This Just In: Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder

Remember our very first post on this blog, To Brow or Not To Brow?
Well, two months on and we’ve found the answer: bold brows are here to stay!

If, like us, Cara Delevigne has given you some serious brow envy, you’ll be happy to know that the Balm has just launched Brow Pow – the eyebrow powder to conquer our eyebrow crisis!


the Balm‘s Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder in Dark Brown

This long, wearing eyebrow powder comes in three shades:
Blonde, Light Brown, and Dark Brown

Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder shades

We reckon Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder would be perfect for creating bold brows, which are not only a great way to play up your eyes but also the key beauty look for this spring (and fall, according to Fashion Week beauty pros).
For a ready-to-wear bold brow, emphasize your natural shape and arch using a pencil – don’t go too crazy, the look you’re going for is flattering, not feral – then fill it in with the Brow Pow shade that suits you best. Et voilá!

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