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New Nail Love: Binky London

We love it when 2 things we love come together and produce something we love even more. This happened in December 2013, when Made in Chelsea‘s Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead launched her own range of nail polish: Binky London

Combining elements from London’s fun street style and Chelsea’s straight-of-the-catwalk trends, Binky London now comprises of several lines, including the adorable Denim Effect Polish,the high shine Gel Effect Nail Polish, the Special Effect Top Coat (with a Matte Top Coat polish!!!) and even a line of Nail Care Essentials.

We’re finding it very hard to resist these cool blue en green colours with London-inspired names, such as Baker Street Blue, Greenwich Green and Marylebone Mint. And with prices starting at £4.95, it’s a right bargain!

Unfortunately, Binky London does not ship internationally yet, but if you’re not currently in the UK, you might be able to get your fix of Binky’s cool polishes online via other retailers (try here).

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