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Fast & Easy 5 Minute Makeup

Let’s face it, we have all had to rush our morning makeup routines at times (some of us perhaps more often than others…) and have ended up looking less put together maquillage-wise than we’d hoped for. We’ve been in that situation more than we’d care to admit to, so we’ve combined our cosmetic creativity and came up with this fast & easy 5 minute makeup routine (plus handy cheat sheet!) so whether you’re pressed for time in the morning or you have to tone your routine down to just the bare necessities for those pesky airport restrictions on carry-on luggage, you can achieve maximum results in minimum time with minimum products.
5 minute makeup

Step 1: Primer*Step 1 Primer
Primer may seem like an unnecessary step in your makeup routine, but it can really make a difference in your look plus you’ll get longer wear out of your makeup! Not only does it prep your skin, it also creates a smooth base for the rest of your makeup – skin, eyes, lips, you name it. We’ve already made a selection of our favourite primers, but feel free to pick a primer that works best for you. After all, it’s is YOUR face. Pump or pour a small amount of primer onto your fingertips and apply it to your face, starting in the middle and then working your way outwards.
Tip: If your skin could use a little pick me up, try a lilac primer to brighten sallow skin, a pink primer to dull-looking skin, or a green primer to neutralize redness.

Step 2: ConcealerStep 2 Concealer
Use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation where you need it – blemishes, those dark circles under your eyes, around the base or down the sides of your nose, etc. We swear by concealer pens as they require no extra brushes or tools, but creamy or liquid formulas work wonders too! Just apply dot-like stripes with a pointed concealer brush (yes, THAT’s what those are for) or with your concealer pen, then blend by dabbing it lightly into your skin.

Tip: Try using your ring finger when blending your concealer – it’s believed to have the lightest touch with the least amount of pressure and DO NOT RUB the concealer as the delicate skin under your eyes is easily damaged and your concealer is likely to end up looking cakey, flakey, and/or streaky.

Step 3 Foundation-1Step 3: Foundation
Now apply a foundation that matches your skin tone – this is also why we prefer to apply concealer before foundation: this way you can blend the two instead of having lighter areas on top of your foundation, but you’re welcome to change these two steps around. Foundations come in all shades and shapes and we all have our individual preferences, but what’s most important is that you find one that suits your skin type and tone. Apply your favourite foundation to your cheekbones, above your brows, and dab just a hint of it down your nose, on your chin and around your mouth for a more natural effect, and start blending. You could use a foundation blender brush for this step, but since this is a fast&easy tutorial, we’re gonna go ahead advise you to use your fingers.
Tip: For lighter coverage, mix a bit of moisturizer into your foundation – et voilá, sheer & dewy effect!

Step 4 Bronzer-1Step 4: Bronzer
Bronzer is not just perfect for achieving that sunkissed look, but is also a great tool to use for shaping your face to bring out your best features. We’re obsessed with matte bronzers – check out our favourites –  which work a treat for this step. Apply your bronzer of choice with a rounded face brush or a contouring brush along your hair line – paying extra attention to your temples – right under your cheekbones, and down your jaw. This is the so-called 3 or E technique, because you basically draw the figure ‘3’ on your face with bronzer, but ultimately, it’s most important that you find away to apply the bronzer that flatters you, so experiment away! When applying bronzer, don’t forget your neck! It’s a dead giveaway that you’ve faked your way to that flawless skin and gorgeous tan – a nice faded out shade will do the trick.
Tip: Try sucking in your cheeks to find the best place to apply bronzer just under you cheekbones – it’s an old trick, but it works!

Step 5 MascaraStep 5: Mascara
Add definition with the fifth and final step: mascara. Again, everyone has their individual preference for what they want from their mascaras; just find one you’re comfortable and happy with. Whether you start with your top or bottom lashes, is entirely up to you. We prefer to start by applying mascara on our top lashes but by brushing down instead of up. Confused? Ok, what that means is that you apply mascara on the top of your upper lashes by putting the wand by you eyelid and then brush downwards. Then bring the wand to the underside of your upper lashes and apply mascara as you normally would. This is just a nifty trick that will make your lashes curl naturally, so no need for eyelash curlers!
Tip: For a fuller looking lashes, try adding a setting powder or a translucent loose powder to your lashes before applying mascara

Vary to your heart’s content with these 5 steps: if you’re more of a blush kinda gal, replace bronzer with a blush or a lip & cheek stain. Rather use a lipstick? Add that! We just wanted to share our fast & easy routine with you 🙂

* For the best result, first apply moisturizer – preferably with SPF. We did not include this in the makeup routine, as we felt moisturizing is more skin care than it is makeup.

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