Trendspotting Thursday: Foot Balms & Creams

Feet Balms & Creams


The sun is out, beauties, but have you prepped your feet for summer yet?
Here’s our round up of the best organic and cruelty-free foot balms & creams for sandal-ready feet!*1. Mexican Lime Foot Cream – Nails Inc – approx. €15
2. Heaven Li HeelsShangri La Organics – approx. €20
3. Coconut Foot CreamBurt’s Bees – €14.95
4. Tea Tree Foot Balm (and more) – Balm Balm – €9.95
5. Foot BalmBadger Balm – €5.20
6. Pattes Arrières – Miss Ferling – €10.50
7. Refreshing Foot CreamFrantsila Organics – €29.30

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*The prices listed are an indication and will vary according to country of residence/location.


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