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5 YouTube Nail Gurus To Subscribe To

YouTube is without a doubt the best place to look for beauty inspiration or tutorials, especially for nail art. It’s certainly our go-to website for all things nail related and we love browsing through the multitude of manicure tutorial videos – sometimes for hours on end, they just suck you right in, don’t they? For those of you who have less time to get lost in the manicure maze that is YouTube, we’ve selected our 5 favourite nail gurus!

1. NovaNailsInc

This freelance nail artist started her channel in 2012 with the purpose of sharing what she loves & does best. Currently in the process of creating her own brand, NovaNailsInc is the one to watch whether you’re an advanced nail artist yourself or you’re just looking for inspiration.

2. HelloMaphie

For tutorials on fun manicures, head over to María Fernanda’s channel HelloMaphie. In addition to fruit-inspired looks (check out her pineapple mani video!), Mafer – as her friends call her – creates a variety of nail art, from marbles and pastels to monochrome and leopard.

3. kirakiranail 

We learned how to file our nails in an almond shape – which for some reason is still hard to do on some nails (yes, I am looking at you index finger!) – by watching the tutorials on Sarah’s channel kirakiranail. With her gorgeous long nails (her own!), Sarah creates and recreates everything from Japan inspired looks to current mani trends.

4. cutepolish

cutepolish has become somewhat of a YouTube phenomenon for nail polish lovers and needs very little introduction. We highly recommend this channel – and make sure to check out the video of her nail polish room (we’re sooo jealous!).*

5. HannahRoxNails

On HannahRoxNails (formerly known as pixiepolish), nail artist Hannah and now also manicurist to the stars – she did Jennifer Lawrence’s nails for Marie Claire! – demonstrates how to create the most amazing nail looks – from basic nail care to manis for special occasions. We’re massive fans!


Who are your favourite YouTube nail gurus?

*Sorry for the weird still here, we’d love show you the finished look but somehow this is what YouTube keeps giving us…


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4 thoughts on “5 YouTube Nail Gurus To Subscribe To

  1. Robin Moses is in my opinion one of the best nail artists on Youtube. She even went to do nails at New York Fashion week. Has been featured in a few nail art magazines and does step by step tutorials on her work. Also she doesnt just do nail art, she really does art on nails. There is a difference. If you havent checked her out then you should check out her channel. Even if its just to see her art on nails, you really need to see her paint.


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