Keep It Clean: 5 Tips For Clearer Skin

Acne comes in many shapes & forms and, unfortunately, most of us have to deal with at some point in our lives. While different types of skin require different types of treatment – we recommend seeing an aesthetician or dermatologist if your skin problems are persistent and/or severe – there are a few quick tips that could help prevent those future breakouts!

Keep it Clean the BTQ Blog

Just make ‘Keep It Clean‘ your new mantra…

Whatever do we mean with Keep It Clean? Well, the phrase pertains to several things:

1. Skin
Keeping your skin clean is a key step to getting clearer skin. Wash your face morning and night with a gentle cleanser and ALWAYS remove your makeup. We prefer soap free cleansers, as soap can dry your skin out and can therefore do more harm than good. As for moisturizers, go for one that works for you and your skin type and always apply it with clean hands. We swear by moisturizers that contains salicylic acid, which helps clear and prevent blemishes.*

2. Brushes
We really can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your brushes clean! For daily cleaning, spray an anti-bacterial cleaning spray – available at drugstores & cosmetic stores – directly onto your brushes and wipe them clean with a paper towel or tissue. You could also apply the spray on to a paper towel and then clean the brushes, whatever works for you 🙂 For more thorough cleaning, we like to use a soap free cleanser or baby shampoo. Lather your brushes up with the soap or shampoo and soak them in lukewarm water, then rinse them until the water is clear. Be prepared for some really gross looking water when washing bronzing brushes – and, yes, that’s what you’ve been putting on your face!

3. Phone
Your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria – some studies claim they’re dirtier than a bathroom door handle, yuk! – and could be causing your breakouts, either from calling and holding it to your ear or from you touching your face after using your phone (i.e. ALL the time). Now, we wouldn’t be writing a beauty blog if we didn’t have a handy solution for this 🙂 Just spray some brush cleaning spray on a cotton pad and swipe it across your phone – front, back, sides, really get into every nook and cranny. Other types of anti-bacterial sprays will do the trick, too!

4. Bed Sheets
 Night time, time to hit the sheets! Although it’s tempting to just climb into bed after a long day – or night of partying – your skin will thank you if you don’t. Not only do you run the risk of smudging yesterday’s makeup everywhere, the dirt, grime, and sweat on your pillowcase are also likely to cause breakouts. In order to beat the blemishes, remove your makeup and clean your face at night. Let your skin absorb the moisturizers/lotions/serums a bit before getting into bed so as to not get your sheets and pillowcase too oily. If you find your pillowcase gets dirty on a nightly base, change it daily; otherwise, launder your pillowcase every two to three days and change your sheets regularly – they also touch your face!

5. Diet
Keeping a clean, balanced diet is good for everyone, but your acne prone skin could really benefit from some dietary changes. Over the years, studies have shown links between certain food groups and acne; some foods help clear your skin while others can really agitate and inflame it. Our beauty-in-chief Lisa suffered from a bad case of the latter and the culprit? Dairy products and gluten! Cutting those out of her diet (and her life!) really worked wonders for her skin. The only downside to finding out what makes your skin break out is what is commonly referred to as the ‘elimination diet’, in which you cut out certain food types to identify which one is to blame for you blemishes – but when you finally do know, it is well worth it!

Hope this helps!

*We’re planning on doing a more elaborate post on skin care so stay tuned for that!

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