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5 Tips For Summer-Proof Hair

Summer Proof Hair 1Summer is here and temperature are definitely rising! Time to kick your entire beauty routine up a notch because  it’s  not just your skin that requires some extra TLC!  Your hair actually needs protecting from all the sun, sand, sweat, and swimming, too! So here are some tips to trade in your fried, frizzy strands for lustrous locks this summer…

1. Condition! Condition! Condition!

While summer is the perfect time to hit the beach or pool, the combination of sunshine and swimming can actually wreak havoc to your hair. Chlorine strips your hair from its natural oils and salt water will dry out your hair, making it extremely vulnerable to damage. Protect your parched, brittle tresses from water damage by conditioning your hair  with a leave-in or deep conditioner before you dive into the water. Give your locks a major moisture boost afterwards with an oil hair mask – your hair’ll thank you for it 🙂

 2. Slap on the SPF

You apply sunscreen to your face and body lavishly, so why not do the same to your hair and scalp? When exposed to the sun’s heat and UV-rays for extended periods of time, your hair and scalp are at risk of suffering some serious sun damage, especially if you sport a shorter ‘do or part your hair. To prevent scalp sunburn, apply sunscreen along your parting or use hair products that contain UV filters – look for the SPF level on the label.

3. Comb, Don’t Brush

Brushes with their many bristles can snag, pull and break your hair. Minimize this damage by using a wide toothed comb, and gently detangle your locks or distribute conditioning products.

4. Steer Clear of the Styling Tools

Step away from the curling iron/hair straightener / flattening iron/blow dryer – especially after a day of sun, sea and swimming! Fighting the frizz with more heat is like fighting an uphill battle (thank you, humidity!) and it’s the worst possible thing you can do to your sun-damaged hair. Be kind to your hair and embrace the frizz instead: go for beachy waves, braids or a loose bun and let your hair air dry, or if you still insist on using styling tools, set your tools to a lower temperature (if possible) and cut down your styling time.

5. Cover Up

It is easier to prevent sun damage than it is to treat it, so cover up… in style! Not only do hats, scarves, and turbans come in a multitude of styles, shapes, and colours, they are also a perfect and fashionable solution to shielding your hair and head from the sun.

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